The Boy with Four Super Powers



The Boy with Four Super Powers is separated into four sections, each one based on a real-life superpower.

The first section helps children analyse situations and question their perceived notions.

The second section encourages independence and offers guidance to parents on how to achieve this.

The third section is about feelings and emotions.

The fourth section is about being kind, fair and free from negativity.

Childhood forms and affects a person’s life and we all realise our children will grow up in a warzone of social media, negative comments, bullying, trolling and judgment of appearance where children starve themselves to avoid bullying at schools and society. My hope is this book will teach parents and children how to be themselves.

Lockdown has been a difficult time for all of us, but particularly those under ten. This book helps parents begin the process of reintegration. By engaging with the colourful and beautifully illustrated sections, children are encouraged to think for themselves, to question bigotry, to understand their ever-changing emotions, and to ultimately become well-rounded individuals.