Taking the first step can be exciting! Children are natural learners, born with curiosity and hidden potential. Their minds are like sponges, observing and holding. They can go beyond us, and can help put our world back together again. Writing is an art to some, coming naturally; for others, it needs a little push. We strongly encourage all parents and guardians to motivate them to achieve and gain what they can. We encourage children to start with short writing, and then prepare them to climb up the writing ladder, to be able to write regular articles and educational topics of their choice, and finally a children’s book.

Children’s collective books: free publishing

Every month, we will select a topic and ask children to write about it in their own words and style. We want to demonstrate how children each see their world and how they express it – this is the beauty of individualism. This service is free to everyone, so please visit this page to see the selected topic and some useful guidelines, tips and tricks how to help your children to write.

Simple story books

This is for those children who have written a story and would like to publish it, or for parents and guardians with a limited budget who want to publish it to motivate and encourage their children. We will design and format the book, and give you a ready-to-print file, for you to decide where and how many copies to print. Of course, we will help you from start to finish if you need.

Professionally illustrated children’s books

This is when children have written a very good story and it need to be shared with the masses. This is costly and time-consuming process, but we have two children’s book publishers who would be happy to help and guide you through the process.

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