We’re a family of passionate writers – we love writing, we’re compulsive scribblers! Sometimes our writing gets published, but most of the time it stays in storage.

Yousuf Shah: I’ve written many long and short articles throughout my life. I completed my first degree in Marketing from Leeds Metropolitan University and later completed my Master’s degree in International Education and Development from the University of Sussex.

I’m very passionate about minority and marginalised groups, and conducted the biggest self-funded study on the transition of orphans in Pakistan, visiting more than 10 orphanages and interviewing more than 80 orphans to find out what happens to those who leave orphanages. My research is available online on various academic websites under the title ‘Transition of orphan youth into adulthood in KPK, Pakistan’.

Now I’m conducting a longitudinal study on Muslims in the UK, interviewing Muslim youth and parents to find out about Muslim youth identity, the root causes of the increasing crime rate and the conflict between Muslim parents and their children. I am intrigued to find out how Muslim youth identify themselves and how they deal with clashes of cultures, languages and customs.

My latest book Positive Parenting for Muslim Parents is available on Amazon.

“Writing is my passion and my passion motivates me to inspire others.”  

Bushra Yousuf: I’m a full-time mum and writer. Writing is my hobby and my best pastime (if I ever get free time 😊). I’m on my way to completing my first book about an orphan child called Shahzada: The Prince. We’ll update you once I finish the book!

“An engaging mind generate positive thoughts; positive thought creates productive child”

Nasir Yousuf: This is our son, a seven-year-old little writer. He writes about anything and everything! He’s written and published his first children’s book called The Adventure of Disco Robot. It’s available on Amazon too. His second solo book, The Boy with Four Superpowers, is getting ready to be published shortly. So watch out for the update! 

“Hello. I’m seven years old. I like reading and writing. I’m writing a collective book about Africa with my sister Aysha and my friends. I also love playing Minecraft, ROBLOX, riding my bike and country walks. I’d like to be a policeman when I grow up.”

“A pen is a child’s lifetime gift to draw the line on a hidden talent”

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