We publish a monthly magazine written by children, and provide a free book publishing platform for children aged 6+.We want to encourage everyone in our community to get involved and get published – including everyone from different backgrounds and ethnicities, people of colour who are hugely underrepresented in children’s books.


BrightonFamilies, created to connect children and families in our community.

Parents and Guardians:
We aim to motivate children to engage in various imaginative, innovative and educational activities to bring out the best in them. This will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem by giving them a medium to express themselves in. If we give this creative writing tool to children at a young age, they can use it as a hobby or profession – throughout their lives, anywhere in the world. It’ll keep them busy and productive. By mastering writing, they’ll have a skill for life.
As parents, we’ll be able to have a little peek into how children think, what they think, and how they imagine and dream.
Just imagine seeing your work published in a book, with your own name as ‘Author’! Writing is the way to bring your IMAGINATION to life and to inspire others.


Our magazine is packed full of fun, creative and informative topics to motivate and inspire young readers and writers! It’s designed to stimulate their minds and develop their critical thinking. We’ll have fresh and updated content every month to feed their curious minds. It also encourages them to get involved and to engage with their families, along with staying connected in the community and better understanding their surroundings and the world.
Basically, this is their training ground, to take tiny steps towards writing and publishing. They can write about whatever they like and are interested in, from jokes to their favourite park/hobby/pet/sport.

“Children writing for children.”


We want to help and support (with parents’ and guardians’ cooperation) children to fight their biggest enemies like self-doubt and insecurities. These enemies within us try to hold us back and always remind us, ‘I’m not good enough. What will people say about me? People will make fun of me. They’re cleverer and more talented than me.’ This has happened to us, and we’ve questioned ourselves hundreds of times, before taking this initiative and a step towards our goal.

Even a child unable to read, write or hear can express their feelings through drawing or through their facial expressions. Why is self-expression so important? Why is writing so important?
You and me, we all know the importance of writing. It is

  • A very sharp tool to express our emotions, thoughts, curiosity, creativity and imagination.
  • One of the main ways for humans to communicate.
  • Limitless – from scribbling, to a short story, fiction or non-fiction.
  • Timeless and noble. If it wasn’t for our ancestors variously documenting the past by writing first on tree branches, stones and animal skins, and by drawing signs and symbols to capture their lives, we wouldn’t know about their lifestyles and the times they lived in, and the existence of our world. Writing moved from ancient documents and the invention of science to the adventures of geography and horrible histories, from art and architecture to mathematics – name anything that doesn’t involve of the art of writing.
  • A skill which empowers our knowledge. Knowledge is the power which can’t be locked in. It will shine through and be seen across the horizon, just like the curious human beings travelling from the surface of the earth to the unknown universe!

    As parents, we look away when we hear or see children in jail, somehow believing that it happens far away from our home and family. We have this false belief that those children who commit crimes and engage in negative activities don’t have parents, and that our children will grow up happy, productive and prosperous. Looking at the statistics below, we become even more concerned about our children and their future:In 2017, there were over 65,800 arrests of children (aged 10–17) for notifiable offences.

    As Alison Flood wrote in the Guardian in 2018, “Only 1% of the children’s books have BAME character.”
    We want to create somewhere to encourage children from BAME communities to take part in our writing project – but at the same time, we don’t want to exclude any group or community.

    We’d love your help, support, involvement and feedback. Do please get in touch with us.


    Founder and Managing Director, Brighton Families

    “Learn, create, grow and bring your imaginary world out there with us.”

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